Doggy Day Care Birthday Parties at Petropolis

At Petropolis Pet Resort, we treat our pets like family – including celebrating them! That’s why we love hosting dog birthday parties for our furry clients. Whether you’d just like a photo to document a milestone in your pet’s life or you’d like to pull out all the stops for a birthday bash, we want to make your pup’s special day perfect for both of you.

How We Celebrate Dog Birthday Parties

We are thrilled to throw your pup a party! We celebrate birthday parties Monday through Friday during regular doggy day care, and as long as we get prior notice, we will find a way to make your pup’s day extra special.

With our Birthday Bash Package, you’ll receive digital photos of your pet, and your dog will get a birthday cookie from Treats Unleashed and a special gift for them to take home. Plus, that day of doggy day care is free! Your pup will be feeling happy and spoiled when you pick them up at the end of the day!

If you’d like to get your pup’s friends in on the fun, the Party Animal Package is the way to go! We will work with you to plan a theme and design digital party invitations to share on social media. We also create a digital video of your pup’s party, we provide a personalized cake from Treats Unleashed to share with their friends, and we send your pup home with a birthday cookie and a gift. And, of course, they will receive that day of doggy day care for free. Our Party Animal Packages are perfect for special occasions, first birthdays, or just because! These parties require at least two week’s notice.

NOTE: We throw pup-only parties. No humans allowed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate human guests at our birthday parties. Instead, you can drop your dog off for doggy day care and let our trained staff throw your pup the best party ever. But don’t worry – we’ll capture every cute moment for you!

birthday bash package

Requires 2 days’ notice and includes:

– A birthday cookie

– Digital photos

– A special gift to take home

– And a FREE day of dog daycare!

party animal package

Requires 2 weeks’ notice and includes:

– Choice of theme

– Digital Party

– Invitations to Share on Social Media

– Birthday Cookie

– Personalized Birthday Cake

– Birthday Video

– A special gift to take home

– And a FREE day of dog daycare!

Pet Empowerment at Dog Birthday Parties

When we host any party for our clients, their needs come first. That’s why we work to make each pet’s stay with us an enjoyable and relaxing one. During any dog birthday party, we only put pups into situations in which they are comfortable and happy. If your dog loves the waterpark, we will try to take them to the waterpark. If they prefer some quiet time with our staff, we will be sure to give them plenty of love. If your pet is ever uncomfortable with the birthday party we’ve planned, we will respect when they say “no” and work to create an experience that they will enjoy.


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