cat Boarding Checklist

So you’ve booked your cat’s boarding reservation. Now what? Before you check in, reference our cat boarding checklist to make sure you’ve got everything squared away:


Ask your vet to send us your cat’s vaccine records by faxing them to (636)442-0221 or emailing them to We won’t be able to check your cat in without these in our system, so please be sure to contact your vet in advance.

For cats, we require the following vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP)


Decide on an emergency contact. This contact is used only in emergencies or if you need
someone other than yourself to pick your cat up at the end of their stay. If we have questions
or need to make minor adjustments during your cat’s stay, we will contact you directly


Pack your cat’s usual food, and be sure to pack enough for the duration of their stay. We
very much appreciate it if you bring your pet’s food seperated into pre-measured portions. If
your pet is on a special diet, we will make sure to follow your instructions. If you do not wish
to provide your own food, we can provide some of our own, but keep in mind that cats are notoriously picky about their diet and may not eat what we offer them.


If your cat takes any medication, make sure to bring that and directions for proper dosage. We ask that you leave their medication in its original packaging (prescription bottles, etc.).


Pack a blanket, pillow or other soft item that smells like home. This will give your cat something familiar to snuggle with and make bedtime a little cozier. Also, feel free to bring your cat’s favorite toys. We will put them in their room. (We will not leave cats alone with string toys or other toys we deem unsafe for unsupervised play, but we can use them during your cat’s daily play sessions.)