Start Training Your
Puppy Early

The most important step in raising a happy, confident, Empowered Pet is socializing them young. Our puppy training program is available to pups as young as eight weeks old, which is prime time for socialization.

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization is more than just playtime with other pups; it also means introducing your puppy to different sights, sounds, and environments to build positive associations with the world around them.

We work socialization into all our puppy training programs. This will not only help your puppy learn to love people and other dogs, but it will also help prevent issues later in life like reactivity, anxiety, and attention seeking behaviors.

Local Puppy Training in St. Charles and Chesterfield

Need to drop off your puppy on the way to the work? Our two facilities are conveniently located in the Greater St. Louis Area. Our original location is in Chesterfield right off I-64, and our new location sits just off I-70 in St. Charles.

Positive Reinforcement-Based Puppy Training

We use positive reinforcement-based training methods to help build confidence and encourage a strong bond with your puppy. We’ll never put your puppy in a pinch collar or e-collar, and we use praise instead of punishment.

Our Puppy Training Program

Our puppy training program focuses on manners and skills, not just standard “obedience.” We teach your puppy how to be a well-adjusted, polite member of the family. During your free evaluation, our trainers will determine your puppy’s skillset and your goals to develop a plan that works for everyone.

Puppy Training and Daycare - All in One!

Our drop-off puppy training program includes several training sessions throughout the day, weekly one-on-one sessions with you and your trainer, and (best of all) puppy daycare! Between training sessions, your puppy will get to spend time in our one-of-a-kind play yards playing with other puppies, all under the supervision of our trained staff. At the end of the day, your puppy will be happy and ready for a chill night at home.

Ready to get started?

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